Is A Condo Right For You?

Condo-living can be a great option for many people. Bloomington has a nice selection of condos throughout the community and a large population of people searching for them. But how do you know if a condo is the right housing option for you? I would like to highlight some key things to consider when making that decision.

One of the biggest factors to consider is privacy. It will definitely depend on the type of community you are looking for and the type of residents that live there. However, this is something to note that privacy might be hard to come by. Of course you will have neighbors and will usually share a wall with at least someone. You might also have amenities, facilities and grounds that you will share with residents and their guests. If you are social and don’t mind the interactions, this might not be a problem for you. But if you are used to your own domain with control over it, privacy might be something to consider further.

Low Maintenance
One of the biggest benefits to living in a condo is that yard work and maintenance are taken care of for you. No more mowing the lawn or shoveling show. Your monthly fees will cover these services. If you are unable to do these tasks, are having a hard time due to the physical demands or maybe just don’t care to, then this may greatly influence your decision.

Fees & Rules
With any condo community, there will definitely be a list of fees and rules that come along for the ride. Outside of your mortgage, you will be expected to pay additional fees that go towards things like lawn service, maintenance, amenities, etc. There may also be some strict rules that your association is expected to abide by. You will want to make sure and ask about all these things up front so you know what you are getting into and how strictly they are enforced. These could be deal breakers.

Another great thing about shared communities is many times you have access to shared amenities like pools, tennis courts, gyms, etc. Yes – you may have to share them with neighbors and others sometimes, but other times you may get them all to yourself without having to leave the neighborhood. Some of the perks of what those extra fees are for.

You Own It
Even though you might have to share some things with neighbors or not have the privacy you may have been used to, you still own your place. So that means you can still do whatever you would like to it because it’s yours. You can paint, remodel, upgrade, and customize however you would like. Condos offer a combination of perks from both home-living and apartment-living creating a hybrid that could be the perfect fit for you!


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