How To Deal With Seller’s Remorse

Selling your home is a big deal. Not only is it probably one of the biggest financial investments you have made, it’s also an emotional decision. Your home represents more than just a roof over your head. It is where you have made memories, maybe started your family and spent so much of your time.  

Buyer’s remorse is a common phrase that’s thrown around during the buying process when buyers are deciding on the right house to purchase and are worried about making the wrong decision. Well seller’s remorse is also a real thing. 

Seller’s remorse is very normal and common among sellers. You question if you are making the right decision. You wonder how you will be able to let go of your home, the memories, the comfort it brought you. Are you ready to just walk away and start over somewhere else? Not to mention all the work that goes into it like packing, staging your home and making changes, showings with strangers walking through, and then actually moving.

It’s easy to get scared or uncertain when change is approaching. Doubt can be confusing and hard to navigate when such a big decision is on the table. How do you know if you are making the right one? Here are some things to help you minimize seller’s remorse or deal with it if it’s something you have already experienced. 

Remember Your Why
You have to set aside all the reasons you could stay in your home and remember all the other reasons why you decided to move in the first place. Did you need more or less space? Maybe you are choosing to live in a different location that will be better for you and your family. 

Give yourself plenty of time to process and grieve. It’s ok to be sad about leaving memories behind but remember those memories aren’t good enough reasons to stay in a home forever if it doesn’t work for you long term. 

TIP: Make it a fun family affair by throwing a goodbye party!

Focus On The Future
Yes, you might be leaving behind one thing, but you will be gaining another. Get excited for your new home or the potential home you hope to get for the next season of your life. Think of the current needs you have that will be met by a new home. Get familiar with the new location, the new routes to work or school, the neighborhood, etc. This will help ease the transition.

Your Home Is A Product
Buyers are viewing your home as a product and may not see it through the same eyes you do. They are making decisions based on what’s best for them, not what you think about your home which is very personal to you. What you think is a selling point or advantage might not be in line with what potential buyers think. Don’t take it personally. 

Give yourself time to get used to the change. It mostly likely won’t happen overnight, but, with time, you will start to make new memories in your new home. Take advantage of the things you have in your new home you didn’t have before.


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