Accommodating Your Home To Host Over The Holidays

The holidays are coming up which is such a fun time of year. But that means you may be preparing to host family and friends for the day or even overnight. Preparing your home for hosting is essential and will help your guests feel taken care of. Here are some tips for accommodating your home to host for the holidays.

Create The Space
Figure out how many people you will be hosting and designate the appropriate amount of space for everyone to feel comfortable. If they are staying overnight, choose a space where they can have privacy and store all their things out of the way. 

Create extra space in mutual living areas like the family room and kitchen – don’t forget the bathrooms too! Move furniture to be more spread out, bring in some extra tables and chairs and put away unnecessary things or decor temporarily. This will help your company feel like they can spread out a little more and will give you some breathing room so everyone is not on top of each other. 

Wash, Clean & Organize
Once the space is prepped, it’s time to start cleaning it. Wash extra linens and set out pillows, blankets and towels so guests can easily access them without asking you. Put away personal items like medicines, paperwork, bills and work items.

Set out extra toiletries in case your guests forget something. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning for all the rooms your guests will be in. Also, take inventory of items you will need like extra place settings, toilet paper, soap, and other essentials. 

Prep & Plan For Meals
Stock the fridge and make sure you have everything on hand to avoid unplanned trips to the store. Ask about food preferences and allergies well in advance. This will also help your guests to feel more at home knowing they don’t have to worry about potential food hazards. 

If others are helping out with meals, let them know details in advance so nothing is missed and everyone is fed! That’s a disaster waiting to happen. 

Assign Helpers
Inevitably, people will offer to help so take them up on their offer! They will feel like they’re contributing and it will take some tasks off your plate to make sure things are running smoothly. Give a specific job to each person that they will be in charge of such as keeping up with washing the dishes, taking out the trash, restocking toiletries or fridge staples, feeding and walking pets, etc. 

Set The Mood
Lastly, set the mood in your home. Create a warm and inviting space to make your guests comfortable while adding a personal touch. Some examples can include lighting candles, picking up fresh flowers, making a favorite holiday treat to set out, stocking up on favorite snacks and beverages or turning on your favorite playlist.

The small touches will help the environment feel more relaxed because we all know hosting can be stressful. Adding some small details will allow the phrase “make yourselves at home” to be easy for your guests!

TIP: Write down the Wifi password and place it somewhere visible so everyone can access it without asking you to repeat it over and over. 



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