Using Your Tax Refund For Home Improvements

We are coming up on that time of year when we are all planning on that nice tax refund check and what we are going to do with it. You may want to spend it on something fun and frivolous, but this year, consider putting some of that money back into your home to ensure that you are adding value to it, as well as taking care of the general upkeep it requires. 

Furnace Maintenance 
With several winter months still to come, it’s important to keep your furnace maintenance in mind. It runs around the clock so ensuring that your unit is in top condition to continue keeping your home warm in the coming months of unknown weather is critical.

Shelling out the money to maintain your furnace may seem like an annoying inconvenience but it can be a lifesaver during those cold months when it’s likely your unit will be working at an all time high. Keep in mind that newer furnaces only need checked every other year, while furnaces 10 years or older should be checked annually.

Annual Termite Inspections
Nobody wants to even think about the possibility of little bugs eating at their homes, but the reality is that termites can do irreparable damage before we even realize they have made themselves at home. If you are diligent enough to have your house inspected annually for these pests, you can spot the problem before it gets out of hand. While the inspection fee can seem pricey, ranging between $75-$150, the real expense is in the treatment of these pests, ranging anywhere from $250-$1,500 and up.

Give Your Room a Facelift
You probably have that one room in your house that really needs a fresh coat of paint or a cosmetic facelift. Small cosmetic updates can really make a big difference. Painting, flooring, fixtures and lighting are all relatively easy things to upgrade or maybe some fresh decor will do the trick! Make an effort to tackle that house to-do list that you’ve been waiting to get to. If you have a little extra money, now is the chance to get a project done. This can be especially important if you are planning to sell your home in the near future and know there are some things that need your attention.

TIP: Not sure what project to do first? Send me an email and I would love to help give you some recommendations.

Trees Are Important Too
Keep in mind that home maintenance isn’t just about what’s on the inside. What is directly outside of your home is entrusted in your care as well, and that includes your trees. Trees should be inspected every three years, at the most, to ensure that any structural problems are discovered before they become too costly. Regular tree inspections reduce your liability if something were to happen with your tree that would damage another’s property. Keep yourselves and your trees covered by shelling out that $30-$150 while you have the money in your pocket. Contact a local arborist to come for an inspection. 

We make sure to get yearly maintenance or checkups with doctor’s appointments, haircuts and cars, why would we not treat our homes with the same care to ensure their long-term health and stability?


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