Organizing Your Home Without Getting Rid Of Everything

Marie Kondo has overtaken homes everywhere, causing people to throw out anything that doesn’t “spark joy” in them. But some of us love our stuff and most of it sparks joy in us. For those that are attached to most of their things but still want to find ways to embrace a tidier life, here are a few simple tips.

Organize The Unseen

Cabinets, closets and drawers are all great places to organize that will make your life much easier without having to sacrifice anything you love. 

Take advantage of the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors by utilizing them for loose mail, recipes and notes. Stick pocket organizers on the doors and use them to store the papers that normally float around on your cabinets and tables. This allows you to hide the unsightly paperwork while simultaneously keeping everything in one place.

Underneath any kitchen or bathroom sink can be an organization nightmare. You can maximize the little space that exists under counters by using stackable shelves, bins or drawers. 

An easy way to keep your drawers decluttered is to take advantage of drawer dividers. This allows you to not only organize utensils in the kitchen but also office or craft supplies.

Hide The Clutter With Cuteness

For any of that clutter you can’t get rid of because you use it frequently, but there’s no good place for it, consider a cubby shelf. Those adorable cubby cubes come in various colors, sizes and styles, all to match your other decor.

Also consider using a tray on your coffee table to keep all the clutter to a small area. That way, the rest of your coffee table will stay clean and clear.

Or do you have anything in your home that you use often but try and put away when guests come over, like mail, craft supplies, books, etc.? Use a mobile cart to move everything out of sight when friends visit and back into your living area when they’re gone.

Clean Your Closet

… without getting rid of anything. Make getting ready in the mornings easy by pairing together your favorite outfits and hanging them together. Doing this not only allows for a faster prep time in the mornings, but it also saves more space in your closet.

Consider storing your off season clothes in bins on your closet shelves in order to make more room in your closet for seasonally appropriate clothes right at your fingertips. 

TIP: You can make your closet more eye appealing by grouping clothes together by color. 

Organizing and cleaning does not necessarily mean that you have to get rid of everything that you love. It can also mean making better use of the space that you already have.


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