Get Your Home Ready For Fall

With the first day of fall just around the corner on September 23rd, it’s important to get your home ready for everything that comes with fall. This includes more than just decorating your home with cute decor and burning delicious candles. The falling leaves, the cooler weather and the potential storms are all things that you need to consider preparing yourself and your home for.

1. Trim Your Trees

With all of the leaves starting to change, it’s important to make sure you prepare your trees before they start shedding their leaves. The leaves can not only cause a mess of your yard, but they can also end up falling into your gutters and clogging them. Trimming up your trees can create less of a leafy mess for you to deal with this fall.

2. Inspect Your Roof

Before the cold weather really hits, make sure that your roof is in good shape to keep you warm and protected. It’s better to catch any issues now than to be in a bad place when winter comes around.

3. Regularly Clean Your Gutters

And consider investing in gutter guards. If you have a lot of trees that are especially close to your house, then leaves clogging up your gutters is probably a frequent problem. Make sure you clean your gutters regularly this fall to avoid clogging or flooding when it rains. And if the leaves are really a problem, invest in gutter guards so you don’t have to clean your gutters so often.

4. Get Your Furnace And Your Hot Water Heater Serviced

As the weather cools down and you start to use more hot water and consider turning on the heat, it’s important to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. Making sure that you have a company that you trust regularly come and service your furnace, air conditioner and hot water heater, is important to ensuring everything in your home continues running smoothly all year round.

TIP: If you don’t yet have a company that provides these services regularly for you, consider shopping around for the best prices and services before you make a decision.

5. Be Prepared For Power Outages

Fall can bring a lot of storms, and with that, it’s important to be prepared for the worst. At the very least, make sure that you have flashlights and batteries, or even candles, to see in the dark. It’s also helpful to have a battery charging pack to keep your phone or computer charged. And, if you’re feeling like an over-achiever, it’s also nice to have a generator on hand so that you don’t even have to worry about the power going out at all.

Following all of these steps this year, and for years to come, can create a safe home for you to comfortably enjoy your pumpkin spice lattes in. Make sure that you are being a responsible homeowner by always taking the appropriate steps with every changing season, to maintain your home – it’s an investment for your family and your future.


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